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WebP Image File Format

A high performance image compression format developed by Google for use on the web.


Multiple-image Network Graphics File format

A graphic file format first published in 2001 with the intension of replacing GIF animated images on the web. It offers a variety of compression features for optimising images.

Steps to Convert WEBP to MNG

Step 1

Drag and drop your WEBP image file(s) into the blue box or click "choose a file" to select from your computer.

Step 2

Review each file to check if it is indeed the one you want to convert. If not click the trash button and select a new one.

Step 3

Click the convert button. Your file(s) will begin to upload and the status of the conversion process will be shown.

Step 4

Once the conversion process is complete a list of your new MNG's will appear. Click the "download" link to save the file to your device.